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Men's New Hair Loss Breakthroughs

Daniel Alain offers two breakthrough solutions for men's hair loss to help you find the best treatment option to retain and regrow your hair.

Minoxidil Response Test

For Hair Regrowth

Bottom line? Minoxidil / Rogaine® doesn’t work for everyone. Will it work for you? Get answers fast with one quick test.


Take Control Of Hair Loss

Losing hair? Choose an Anti Hair Shedding Treatment strong enough to keep up with you. In just one use, INTACT decreases shedding by up to 77%. Less losing, more winning.


Get Answers Now.

Hair loss is a complex issue, but you weren’t born to accept the status quo. Visit the blog to learn about the latest breakthroughs in men’s hair loss, innovations, and science.


"I’ve personally experienced hair loss and I know it’s really tough.  I wish I had these products and resources back when I first started losing my hair. That’s why I developed them.

My advice? Learn from me. Be proactive, take the test, and get ahead of your hair loss before it's too late." 

Daniel Alain Hafid
Founder & CEO